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​Vegetables of the Month 2023 3Month

[Information on vegetables and fruits in March]

Brix Nine Tomatoes (Gunma) Fruit tomatoes with a sugar content of 9 or more.

Amera Rubins Tomatoes (Shizuoka) Rugby ball-shaped small fruit tomatoes

Yosakoi Midi Tomato (Kochi) Midi Tomato.

New potatoes (SS) (Nagasaki) It's delicious when boiled, garni, or deep-fried.

Issun beans (Kagoshima) Boiled in salt, tempura, etc., taking advantage of the bright green color!

Usui-mame (Kagoshima) Take advantage of the vivid green color to make rice with beans.

Green peas (Kagoshima) Take advantage of the vivid green color and use it as a garnish!

Snack Piece (Aichi) You can eat the whole pod! Garni and Aya!

Spring cabbage (Aichi) Excellent sweetness! The leaves are soft and delicious.

Taranome (Niigata/Fukui) For tempura and aemono.

Kogomi (Akita) For dipping, tempura, pasta and garni.

Ganashi (Kumamoto) Commonly known as Akako Trash. For tempura and sesame sauce! bland taste

Fukinoto Tempura, for dipping.

Urui (Yamagata) tempura, dipping sauce, and salad.

Ascetic garlic (Akita) For dipping in tempura! Aroma of garlic!

Raw wipes (Aichi) Ideal for simmered dishes! It's the taste of the season.

Leaf Wasabi (Tokushima) Would you like to pickled wasabi or spread the leaves?

Yamaudo (Gunma) For tempura, vinegared dishes, and more!

Bamboo shoots (domestic) For simmered dishes, tempura, and aemono!

Tsukuba Warabi (Ibaraki) Seasonal flavor. Please take a dip!

How about a spring orchid decoration?

Koshiabura (Niigata) How about tempura and aemono?

Tsukushi (Aichi) Would you like to have tempura or dipping?

Nobiru (Aichi) Would you like to have tempura or dipping?

Kanzo (Fukui) It's the best when it comes to tempura. From late March

Japanese parsley (Sendai) For dipping, hot pots and salads!

Ashitaba (Kozushima) It's delicious even if you put it in aemono or pasta.

Mugwort (Shizuoka) Please use it for kusamochi!

Okahijiki (Yamagata) Crunchy texture. It is bright green.

New burdock root (Kumamoto) Recommended for simmered dishes, kinpira, and tempura!

Kirimitsuba (Izu) White stems, green leaves, and the best fragrance.

Tsubomi-na (Fukuoka) Shaped like a bud. Go for tempura and garni!

Flower Wasabi (Fukui City) It's the best when pickled in wasabi.

Hamabofuu (Ibaraki) Recommended as a side dish for tempura and sashimi.

Sakura branch (Tokushima) Perfect for this season.

Uzumaki beets (Netherlands) The swirl pattern is beautiful. I have pink and yellow.

Magic Red (Oita) Sprouts of red mulberry. For salads and toppings!

Tamba Shimeji (Kyoto) Large shimeji mushrooms. The taste is good and there is a response to eating.

Cauliflower Romanesque (Chiba) It is a green cauliflower.

Micro tomato (red/yellow) (Aichi) Micro tomato. The taste is solid!

Wakegi (Hiroshima) Nuta dressing, etc. can be used.

Edible flower (Aichi) Edible flower. Colorful flowers.

Sudachi (new) (Tokushima) From March 15

White asparagus (Kagawa) is thick and filling. 3 to 4

White asparagus (Peru) is thick and filling.

Yosakoi Honey (Kochi) Red sweet pepper. Not spicy!

Tosa sweet pepper (Kochi) Green sweet pepper. Not spicy!

Onion Nouveau Small onions with leaves. Garni and tempura too!

Yellow chives High-class ingredients! bright yellow. Enjoy it in stir-fries and soups!

Sprouts of spinach For stir-fried dishes and salad accents!

Ice Plant (Fukui) The leaves with salty bubble wrap are delicious!

Soba Bijin [Soba Sprouts] Soba sprouts. pink color

Micro leaves [rucola, mustard, basil, amaranth] Very small leaves. Appetizers, etc.

Micro Baby Leaf MIX Micro baby leaves. Appetizers, etc.

Mizu eggplant (Osaka) Fresh water eggplant. Perfect for light pickles!

New Ginger (Kochi) New arrivals!

New kabosu (Oita)

Manganji red pepper [red/green] (Kyoto)

Dekopon (Kumamoto) Sweetness is enough.

Cara Cara Orange (USA) Orange with pink flesh. There is also sweetness!

Blood Orange (USA) Orange with dark red flesh. There is also sweetness!

Kumquat (Nagasaki) Excellent sweetness. It can also be used for boiling syrup.

Watermelon (Okinawa) It came out early!

Red Globe (Chile) Red-purple seeded grapes

Kiyomi Orange (Ehime)

Red kodama watermelon (Kumamoto)

 baby kiwi (Chile)

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