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Yaogo Co., Ltd.

Business description: Fruit and vegetable retailer (forged vegetables, imported vegetables, luxury fruit sales)

1-5-23 Terute, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

Tel:  0776-22-0805
Fax: 0776-27-7545

business hours:

Monday to FridayDay




Closed: Sundays, public holidays

*Some areas have delivery suspension days.

*Closed during New Year, Golden Week, and Obon.

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​ *We do not respond to inquiries such as sales or solicitation.

It may take time to reply due to non-business hours.

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*It is widely used by customers mainly in the food service industry (hotels, restaurants, Japanese cuisine, Japanese restaurants, sushi restaurants, etc.).
Of course, we also sell to general customers, so please use it.
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